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Some reasons to build a semi-automatic handling system in your warehouse instead of a fully automatic one:

• because it has not yet been found a technical solution to move hung clothes with high speed. Hung clothes take much space, are delicate, unfold easily and may fall from hangers, therefore they are difficult to manage for a system which is not low speed.
• because programming such a warehouse is expensive. Areas are huge and managing variables are a lot (number of stores to send goods too, size and models for each store, order in deliveries, etc) so that programming may likely cause you headache and be wrong.
• because programming anything at the beginning is not likely to be followed by events: any change (daily or seasonal) would require a reprogramming of the system and, anyway, longer time than changes made directly by man/woman. Let's say an automatic system lacks in flexibility.
• because automatic execution requires prearranged stocking areas bigger than those in manual or semi-automatic systems, so wasting net area.
• because of those problems, there is a constant research to find better solutions, so what is fully automatic today becomes old very fast.
• because a semi-automatic system is by far cheaper than an automatic one.