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Stirring in biodynamic farming

VortexThere are many branches in biodynamics and every one has its own strict ideas: that's why we decided to make our stirring machine highly customizable. For example the height of the whirl can be adjusted to your taste to control one the most fascinating moments of biodynamics: the change to counter-whirl, when the water takes energy and gets the stamina, the movement and the oxygen to dynamize the preps.
The height of the vortex and the length of the cycle can be controlled easily even during dynamization: thru the pneumatic switch you adjust the height range of the vortex of about 5 cm (2 inches) and the cycle changes consequently between approx. 15 and 30 seconds.ChaosThe length of a single cycle to form the vortex it's ruled by the height of the vortex itself though, not by a timer. If a single "cycle" for a certain regulation takes, let's say, 20 seconds ON AVERAGE, it doesn't always take exactly 20 seconds: it may take 19 seconds or 21 seconds, it depends on the geometry of the vortex in that particular cycle.