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Potentize your preps (and your soil), naturally

This new generation dynamizer (stirring machine) is thought to answer any question and criticism. Geometry, whirl, pause and counter whirl, motorization and constant radial speed are patiently calibrated.

stirring machine for biodynamic agricultureThe real question is: how can your farm do without it?

It's all about dynamizing the preps to get their FULL STRENGTH and transfer it later to soil, as recommended by Steiner: you re-activate biologic processes exploiting movement, heat, oxygen and the creative and formative cosmic forces related to the chaos and to the vortex.

The action for dynamization is powered by an oleodynamic pump, away from the influence of electro-magnetic fields. The change of rotating direction is given by a precise pneumatic switch based on whirl impulse.

Container is made of 98% copper.

stirrerElectric power for oleodynamic pump is confined in a box and, during dynamization, is suggested to keep box away from container as permitted by hoses.

Optional accessories are hooks welded to frame, useful as grip for lift and movement.

It is available in versions with capacity 60 liters (13.2 UK gallons, 15.9 US gallons), 120 liters (26.4 UK, 31.7 US), 240 liters (52.8 UK, 63.4 US) and multiple in battery.

Equipment is built in conformity with international safety standards and it's delivered with a comprehensive use and maintenance manual.

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