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Good-bye vertical hoister

In warehouses we manage, clothes move between different levels by means of automatic inclined hoister: we do think they are better than vertical elevator hoist or lift because they work continuously (vs. batch as elevator), they do not require human supervision and they have less bureaucratic requirements (for lift there are many standards to follow). Hoister by MECH are overhead tracks where trolleys are automatically hooked and made move inclined. The system is PATENTED.

risalitore Flexibility is excellent since every hoister is reversible, that is it can work upward or downward.
Accessories may be a feeding chain with a pneumatic device to get the right distance between trolleys and pneumatic intelligent switch to move through multiple levels automatically.
Equipment is built in conformity with international safety standards and it's delivered with a comprehensive use and maintenance manual.

Key benefits:
- operational continuity
- no supervision
- reversibility
- automatic feeding and multiple levels