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Optimization of time and materials

This machine measures the length of strips of different materials (cloth, elastic web, weave, leather) taken by stocking coils.

Many tasks are performed by this machine:

• measuring of materials to send to fashion department (internal or external to the firm) because strips are utilized to finish and trim clothes. Precise measurement brings save of time compared to manual measurement (in addition the coil is rewinded automatically will manually this operation must be performed later) and brings save of material since strips are sent with the correct and exact length.

• check coil lengths bought by suppliers.

• calculation of exceeding quantity to stock or for inventory.

The machine is equipped with a digital display that counts as material is winded. Winding speed is adjustable. The machine is equipped with wheels to make movement easier.


Equipment is built in conformity with international safety standards and it's delivered with a comprehensive use and maintenance manual.

Key benefits:
- save of material
- less time in operation
- automatic rewinding