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Water temperature control

This equipment has the function to heat water for dynamization. It is very easy to use and it is not subject to electromagnetic fields.

sustainable agricultureIt has a control device for burning products and it stops heating if there are draft problems. It is also equipped with temperature selector, automatic turn-on switch powered by 1.5 V battery, operating handle to economize.

It has two 1/2 inch couplings, one for charge and one for discharge.

Main features:

Power: natural gas or LPG;

Capacity: until 16 liters/min (3.5 UK gal/min, 4.2 US gal/min) at 40°C;

Water supply pressure: 0.2 - 10 bar (best 2 bar);

Thermal capacity: 34 kW;

Efficiency: 87%.

Equipment is built in conformity with international safety standards and it's delivered with a comprehensive use and maintenance manual.