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Biodynamic magic

Biodynamic stirring as we learned it from Alex Podolinsky

• the best way would be to stir by hands little buckets as Steiner said;

• stirring with a stick (wood or something) is incorrect;

• water must be around 37°C (human body temperature, 100°F) before stirring;

• materials are essential: glass would be the best but copper is fine too; stainless steel is not a good choice since it is not a pure material;

• the height of the vortex must be 85% of its full height: if you try to raise your hands to take something, for example the strength of the sun, stretching your arms 100% you are not comfortable, you are not natural, while if you raise them not to the limit you feel better and you can get the best of it;

• it is not correct to rule single cycles by mean of a timer: Steiner never said that the cycle must last a certain period of time, but he said that the vortex itself rule: when you have a good vortex, you stop stirring for a while, then you start the opposite way and there you have chaos;

• after stirring (1 hour) the solution must be sprayed within one hour;

• the fundamental part is the chaos, when you reverse stirring: that is the moment when the water comes alive and the preps get oxygenated;

• it is recommended to keep electro-magnetic fields away (for example using belt transmission or oleo-dynamics);

• although you use a machine, you should supervise the stirring and concentrate on it because trying to project your intentions in the process is very important: in BD we must bring the human being back into the equation;

• it is not suggested to stir volumes beyond 250liters (70 US gallons) because it is very difficult to have a good chaos with such big volumes; big volumes must be stirred with multiple machines in battery.


"Some words on the stirring of the biodynamic preparations..."

"The flow of water into vortex formation through the act of stirring as one does in the biodynamic fashion mirrors cosmic law. The water willingly organizes itself into an intelligent universal pattern, a formative pattern. The vortex is the visual result of creative formative forces in action through substance. It is through the (re)-ordering of these universal patterns that the substance becomes enlivened. Keep in mind that without the chaos the enlivening process would not take place"
by Christy Korrow,


"Some words on the stirring of the biodynamic preparations..."


"Some words on the stirring of the biodynamic preparations..."