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Bi-axis solar tracker

Are available bi-axis solar trackers to be installed in open areas, complete with elecric motor drive with 4 year warranty. They are available with 28 -30 modules, from 6.9 kWp to 6.44 kWp

This solar tracking system, due to its low costs, its lightness and modularity , enanches your modules energy production up to 30-40%.



Inseguitore fotovoltaico 

30 M specifications:

  • Tubular frame
  • Astronomical solar tracking
  • Tracker 2 degrees of freedom
  • Battery of 28 - 30 modules fom 9-6.9 kWp
  • Dimensions 10 m x 5.5m  - H5m          

  • Electric gears

  •Position controll to avoid shadows

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Price about


7350 - 7700 € each


8050 - 8700 € each


photovoltaic material not included


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Prices are approximate and may change following the fluctuation of raw materials or according to the amount of trackers ordered.