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Those facilities have been thought to spray preparations effectively and fast (within one hour after dynamization), with the right corrections for biodynamics: correct choice of materials, pressure, nozzles.

organic farmingIn reality every sprayer has 2 sprayers: one for 500 and one for 501, everyone with its own nozzles, output height and working pressure. Devices to switch from one sprayer to the other are studied to ease and make short operator's tasks.

Sprayers consist in a 240 liter (52.8 UK, 63.4 US gallons) container made of 98% copper and a system to spray products just dynamized.

facilities for biodynamic farmingDistributor types, initially created for vineyard, are now several (fans, bars, cannons...) and they are chosen, for every prep (500 and 501), according to geometrical features of cultivation and technical data of your equipment. This customization gives maximum efficacy to the entire BD process.

Depending on required delivery capacity, plant height and PTO usage, machinery is assembled with different no recirculation diffusion pumps allowing a perfect dosing of compost.

Pumps have a bypass in order not to re-circulate excess capacity inside the container.

biodynamicsIt is used a nozzle with mirror-like spraying for prep 500 and a nozzle that nebulizes for prep 501. Among the several details realized, we underline that nebulization takes place outside Venturi tube to avoid that droplets break because of the effect of the air.

To make equipment durable, bar tips have bumpers and it is used a mechanical system of balance to absorb soil roughness.

Those sprayers distinguish themselves in the market because specifically built for low pressures and low delivery.