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Total flexibility

The loader works to load and unload automatically hung clothes (on trolleys full of hangers) from conveyances so that there is a consistent save of time and labor and elimination of problems like garments getting dirty or unfolded .

gruppa carico What we are really proud of is the complete operational flexibility: machinery shifts in height (0-1 meters according to the height of vehicles) and in length to make up for progressive empty (or loading) of the truck. Overhead tracks that link to the warehouse can anytime be adjusted in height so that loading-unloading can go or come indifferently from ground floor or first floor; this way handling is easier, faster and with a broad range of solutions.
Equipment is built in conformity with international safety standards and it's delivered with a comprehensive use and maintenance manual.

Key benefits:
- cancel problems in clothes handling
- save time and labor
- operational flexibility
- more solutions in handling

Overhead loader version is now available: ask for it!